State Administrative Court Orders the Governor of West Sumatera to Revoke 26 Permits of Non-Clean and Clear Minings within 5 Days

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No : 24/S.Pers/LBH-PDG/X/2017

State Administrative Court Orders the Governor of West Sumatera to Revoke 26 Permits of Non-Clean and Clear Minings within 5 Days


After 10 trial hearings since 19 September 2017, on 20 October 2017 at 14.00 local time, the Assembly of Judges in Padang State Administrative Court read their judgment in the Case Number 2/P/FP/2017/PTUN-PDG on Request to Obtain Judgment regarding Permit Request (Positive Fictive) applied by LBH Bandung against the Governor of West Sumatera.


In their judgment, the Assembly of Judges granted the requests of LBH Padang to revoke the permits of 26 Mining Permits that are Non-Clean and Clear in West Sumatera. The members of the assembly were Zabdi Palangan and M. Afif, presided by Harisman.


The Judges opined that YLBHI-LBH Padang is an organisation who actively supports the law enforcement, researches, criticizes policies and does environment advocacies including minerals and coals, so we have a legal standing in the case. The Judges affirm that under the Law No. 23 Year 2014 the authority to revoke the mining permits lies with the Governor and thus orders the Governor to revoke the 26 mining permits which are non-clean and clear (Non CNC) within 5 days. Those mining permits are:


1.    Bina Bakti Pertiwi, Pasaman Lead 188.45/680/BUP-PAS/2010
2.    Byantara Agrindo Sejahtera, Pasbar Rocks    544-1186-2016
3.    Data Con Indo Jaya, Pasaman Base Metal         188.45/687/BUP-PAS/2010
4.    Dekky Karya Bestari, Sijunjung Sandstone 188.45/98/KPTS-PPT-2011
5.    Dharma Power Bersama, Solok Iron ore 540-761-2013
6.    Emas Bumi Persada, Solsel Gold 540/IUP/DESDM/BUP-2010
7.    Galian Endapan Buana, Agam Iron sand 493 TAHUN 2010
8.    Geominex Sapek, Solsel Gold 540/16/IUP/DESDM/BUP-2010
9.    Graha Feryni Industri, Sijunjung Limestone 544-629-2015
10.                 Hasil Bumi Ringgit, 50 Kota Andesite 544/764/2015
11.                 Inti Bumi Sejahtera Mandiri, Pasaman Gold 188.45/688/BUP-PAS/2010
12.                 Kel. I Tambang Rakyat Kamang Sepakat, Sijunjung Manganese 544-1308-2016
13.                 Kel. II Tambang Rakyat Kamang Sepakat, Sijunjung          Manganese 55-1304-2016
14.                 Kuantan Resources, Solsel           Gold 540/41/IUP/DESDM/BUP-2010
15.                 Makindo Mineral Sakti, Solsel Gold 540/02/IUP/DESDM/BUP-2010
16.                 Marsya Regina Merkusi 50 Kota Rocks 544-204-2014
17.                 Mehad Inter Buana, Pasaman Lead 188.45/710/BUP-PAS/2009
18.                 Mitra Mandiri Cemerlang, Solsel Zinc 540/07/KP/DPPMLH/BUP-2008
19.                 Mitra Mandiri Cemerlang, Solsel Gold 540/07/KP/DPPMLH/BUP-2008
20.                 Mranti Mas Oratama, Pasaman Lead 188.45/466/BUP-PAS/2010
21.                 Penta Bersama Gemilang, Pasaman Gold 188.45/689/BUP-PAS/2010
22.                 Raharsyah Karya Bersama, Padang Clay 544-848-2015
23.                 Thomas Jaya Trecimplant, West Sumatera Coal 544-234-2011
24.                 Triple Eight Energy, Solsel Galena 540/15/IUP/DESDM/BUP-2010
25.                 Tuah Sakato Mambangun Nagari, 50 Kota Coal 21/IUP-OP/BLK/2011
26.                 Wirapatriot Sakti, Solsel Metal 540/06/IUP/DESDM/BUP-2011


LBH Padang urge the Governor of West Sumatera to immediately abide the Judgment by revoking the permits of above 26 Non CNC minings.




Era Purnama Sari, S.H.

Director of LBH Padang



Contact persons:

Era Purnama Sari: +62 81210322745

Wendra Rona Putra (legal representative): +62 81267410008


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