12 Initial Findings from the Civil Society Coalition Fact-Finding Team Regarding Human Rights Violence Incident in Kanjuruhan Stadium

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The violence incident that occurred at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang regency, has resulted hundreds of deaths and injuries. The Civil Society Coalition Fact-Finding Team, consists of LBH Pos Malang, LBH Surabaya, YLBHI, Lokataru, IM 57+ Institute, and The Commission for Disappeared and Victims of Violence (Komisi untuk Orang Hilang dan Korban Tindak Kekerasan abbreviated as KontraS) has conducted investigations for approximately 7 (seven) days.

Currently, the community is still in a state of mourning, however, they still make calls for truth and justice through banners that are installed in every corner of Malang Raya for thorough investigation of this case.

During the investigation process, The Team met a number of witnesses, victims, and the victims’ family with certain condition of concussion, facial and body bruises, red rashes on the face, to severe trauma due to violent events that have occurred.

Based on The Civil Society Coalition Fact-Finding Team results, The Team obtained initial findings that the violence incident at the Kanjuruhan Stadium was an alleged crime that happened systematically and did not only involve the field doer. In addition, The Team suspected the tear gas effect that used by the police officers led to the death of many victims. The Team’s further initial findings are as follows:

  1. In the middle of the second round, there were mobilization of several troops bringing tear gas, although there was no threat or potential security breach at the time;
  2. After the match between Arema FC and Persebaya over, there were a number of supporters who entered the field, and based on the information from the witnesses, that happened because the supporters wanted to give motivation and moral support to all players. Unfortunately, their actions were overly responded which involving the security forces and led to violent. It encouraged other supporters to enter the field: not to attack, yet to help other supporters who got violence from the security forces;
  3. Before using tear gas, the police did not try to utilize other use of power, such as prevention action, verbal announcement, warning sound, neither barehanded control. And their use of power was contradictory to the Police Regulation No 1/ 2009 regarding use of power that police must go through in certain stages before shooting tear gas;
  4. The acts of violence experienced by supports are not only perpetrated by police officers, but also perpetrated by army soldiers with various action such as dragging, hitting, and kicking;
  5. Based on the supporters’ testimonies, the tear gas shooting was not only aimed to the field, but also aimed to the south, east, and north sides of the tribunes, which caused tremendous panic for all of the supporters in the tribunes


  1. The supporters rushed to exit the stadium in narrow evacuation access and jammed in several locked doors. The very limited space was worsened by the police massively shooting tear gas. This made fatal impacts, causing the victims difficult to breath and caused fatalities;
  2. After experiencing a series of violence incidents, the supporters jostling to exit the stadium and were not helped immediately by the police. The victims struggled to get out in their own way.
  3. The violence incidents and suffering did not only occur inside the Stadium, but also outside the Stadium. It is known that the police also shot tear gas to the supporters outside the stadium; it is strongly suspected that the post-tribune condition was the moment when many supporters died. At that moment, there was no optimal medical condition in responding to supporters’ critical condition who exposed to smoke.
  4. After the incident, certain parties were known doing acts of intimidation through communication tools and directly in person. We suspect that this was done in order to cause fear in the witnesses and victims so they would not give testimonies;
  5. There is no detailed information from the government related to data of fatalities and injured that can be accessed by the public until now, including the progress of cases currently handled by the police;
  6. Whilst we were still investigating the facts, we had communicated with Komnas HAM and LPSK and then submitted a number of reports. But we have not seen a real work of the Joint Independent Fact-Finding Team to meet the witnesses and victims;
  7. Related to the finding narration of alcoholic beverages and the use of the term “riots”, it is misleading information deliverance. It is considered misleading to use the term “riots” because what actually happened was a systematic attacks or killings towards civilians. Regarding to alcoholic beverages, it is also misleading information that ruin the focus of this case, since it is impossible for alcohol drinks to be allowed in the stadium for there was a strict checking by the Committees & Police before spectators entered the stadium.

Based on the initial findings above, we assess that there have been intentional and systematic acts of violence carried out by the police, not only have involved field doers who have now been designated as suspects by the police. There are also other actors with higher positions who should be responsible and need further legal proceedings.


Jakarta – Malang, October 9, 2022


The Civil Society Coalition Fact-Finding Team

(LBH Surabaya, LBH Surabaya Pos Malang, YLBHI, KontraS, Lokataru, IM 57+ Institute)


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