YLBHI – 18 LBH Condemn Colonialism, Repression, Human Rights Violations, and Genocide by Israel to Palestine

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Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI-LBH) is deeply concerned by the ongoing violence, genocide, repression, bombing and killings by the Israeli troops in Gaza. Thousands of  innocent people including women, children, unarmed society, journalists, even medics are dead and wounded without any access to appropriate medical supplies and treatments. The Israeli airstrikes purposively targets all the vital facilities and infrastructures in Gaza including shelters, mosques, churches, universities, hospitals, residents housing, schools, and water supplies, cut off all electricity and internet connection making it impossible for Palestinians to reach out for help and to be under any kinds of protections and aids supplies. 

We condemn colonialism, repression, human rights violations, and genocide by Israel to Palestine. We condemn the use of excessive and discriminative attacks and the use of prohibited and restricted weapons towards Palestinian residents as we solely agree that this is entirely a war crime under the international law. 

We denounce the involvement and abetment of the US government on supplying Israel’s military aid, weapons, and warships as a support to obliterate Palestinians. We excoriate the US government for perpetuating imperialism by spreading false news and claims as an excuse to demolish Palestinians.  

This ongoing human rights violations and genocide in Gaza must be stopped. The attacks by Israel can never be justified under any kind of situation. YLBHI-LBH urged Israel to agree to the ceasefire proposed by the United Nations

We urge the United Nations to rapidly reconnect its way to dispatch all the medical aids, food, water, fuels, access for electricity and internet for the Palestinians as it was stated by the UN secretary general. 

We urge the Indonesian government, as the current UN Commission for Human Rights, to actively promote the sovereignty of Palestine in international forums, including all the injustice situations in Indonesia and other countries.  

We engage all the civil society, local and international community, and all the people to voice out for the sovereignty of Palestine and to keep updated about the situation in Gaza in solidarity for all the Palestinian. We invite all of the society in Indonesia to pay attention to all the ongoing injustices, inequities, and human rights violations in Rempang, Papua, and throughout Indonesia.  

Jakarta, November 2nd, 2023

LBH Banda Aceh, LBH Medan, LBH Padang, LBH Pekanbaru, LBH Palembang, LBH Bandar Lampung, LBH Jakarta, LBH Bandung, LBH Semarang, LBH Yogyakarta, LBH Surabaya, Jadi LBH Kalimantan Barat (Project Base), LBH Palangka Raya, LBH Bali, LBH Makassar, LBH Manado, and LBH Papua


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