Public Report 2004

As a public organization, YLBHI has a responsibility to make annual accountability report that represents the works and programs it had done for the past year, 2004. To determine YLBHI’s success or failure, the results are valued from three main parameters, which are: first:whether the 2004 programs had been done in accordance with the organization’s vision and mission or not. Secondly, were the 2004 programs consistent with 2003 – 2006 programs that had been legalized before? Thirdly, have the YLBHI and its programs that had been conducted throughout the year of 2004 met the needs and expectation of the stakeholders. Based on the three parameters the works of YLBHI for the past year can be effectively evaluated.

Generally, YLBHI has been known as an organization that advocates in Legal Aid, Human Rights and Democracy. The YLBHI three core competences that make YLBHI significantly unique and different from other civil organizations are carried on simultaneously under one institution. Hence, this report will give illustration on how YLBHI has conducted its programs throughout the year 2004, including those related to the issues in Legal Aid, Human Rights, and Democracy.

Download Public Report 2004 (PDF, English)


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