Statement in Common The Rising Up of People Movement Against New Regime Revival in Indonesia

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Gwangju, September, 18th 2017, Police dissolved History Seminar about 1965/1966 Tragedy, will be held in Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation Office, Jakarta, at September 16th 2017. As irony, Seminar location was blocked by Anti-Democracy Mass and Polices agree with the Mass, Police removed attribute and ordered seminar participant broke up because Police has argument and reason for that, such as first, Anti-Democracy mass will break up this seminar forcibly. Second, Indonesia Act had regulated about Indonesia Communist Party ban. Third, Retired Army and Police and Civil alliance offering break up this seminar. From those reasons, Police agreed and ignore for Right to Freedom Expression in Indonesia of people to discuss and to express opinion. Indonesia nowadays in emergency democracy and human right condition.

Current situation, until midnight Monday, the Mass still express and assemble in Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation in Jakarta. This situation contra with police act before when handle action until last night. We preview from Labor Demonstration held in Jakarta about Government Regulation of Wages. Police broke up mass mercilessly and arrested some mass participant. Police has double standard and injustice in law enforcement. Although, Police had protected and kept people who blockade inside building by mass, Police must be responsibility for omission of mass act until late night.

As we know, Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation become main actor in democracy and reformation. We reformate Police will be better and independent, but this condition proved to us, Police still become an elite or government marionette. This condition compound with Government position is not clear. Until now, Government didn’t react with The 1865/1966 Tragedy, even to impressed apathetic. If Government don’t want or can’t accomplish The 1965/1966 Tragedy and other human right violation cases, and even permit some people interests then break up activity about human right violation tragedy, Government has permitted a democracy threat by New Regime or Soeharto Regime.

We should learn how democracy and human right develop from Gwangju, South Korea. This city had bad experience with military act and abuse of power of Government. But, the Gwangju People didn’t want to silence and continue to share Gwangju Spirit of Democracy and Human Right, they got their justices and now Gwangju become one of Human Right City. This achievement based Government interesting want to reveal the truth and didn’t embarrassed to open to world-wide what their military did in Gwangju at 1980.

Therefore, we invite all of element who Pro-Democracy and Human Right to against this Government act. This time, all of element of civil movement unite and come together to develop alternative politic movement and strategic to prevent New Regime revival. This way is important to political power don’t control by people who oppress of Indonesia people.

Gwangju, September 18th 2017

1. Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation
2. Confederation of Indonesia People Movement
3. Soeung Bunly- Cambodia
4. Bikalpa An Alternative
5. Tika Ram Pokharel — PPR Nepal
6. Rem Bahdur — BK. Jagaran Media Center – Nepal
7. Mia Rosmiati – Indonesia

Contact Person:
Aditia Bagus Santoso (Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation) – (62) 81277741836
Zico Mulia —


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