Terrorism and The PERPPU No.1/2002

The occurrence of the Bali bomb explosion has brought about several important impacts on Indonesia’s political and security policies. First, the government immediately issued Government Regulation in lieu of Law (PERPPU) No.1 of 2002 regarding Eradication of Terrorism, and PERPPU No.2 of 2002 regarding the use of PERPPU No. 1 to conduct investigation on the bomb explosion case at Kuta, Bali. Second, the government declared the Jemaah Islamiyah organization as a terrorist organization responsible for the occurrence of the bomb explosion action in Bali and through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs listed the
Jemaah Islamiyah organization as a terrorist organization all of the activities of which may be categorized as violating PERPPU No. 1 of 2002.

On the one hand the three matters constitute impacts directly related to the occurrence of bomb explosion in Bali, on the other hand what has to be studied is the ‘inherent’ impact of the three direct effects mentioned above, which are related to the domestic political policy in Indonesia calling for further attention, because they are related to better quality protection of human rights and democratization efforts. These brief basic considerations will attempt to divide into five parts, namely: First, evaluating the terminology of terrorism itself as discursive field; Second, analyzing the material of PERPPU No.1/2002; Third, looking into the relationship between international law context and material of PERPPU No.1/2002; Fourth, analyzing and predicting the inherent impact of government policy with the issuance of PERPPU No. 1/2002 and designation of terrorist organization on the political policy at the national level, particularly in relation to the development of the resolution of the Aceh case the negotiation which is now ongoing at Geneve, and the HAM (Human Rights) violation case occurring at Papua; Fifth, providing evaluation and basic considerations on all terrorism problems and their relationship with PERPPU No. I/2002.

Download YLBHI Report No. 1, December 2002 (PDF, English)


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